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Primarily I am an electrical engineer, musical composer, musician and singer. As a musician I play guitar, bass, and have growing skills on piano and electronic keyboards. I sight read music to some degree and currently improving my reading skills. I'm better at following chord charts. I have recorded and produced a cd of original music. You can view my music website at this link Nate's music website .

I have made my living for decades mostly utilizing my electrical engineering training but have maintained activity in occasional music perfomance as well also acquiring skills in arranging, recording and production in support of my songwriting. Of course being a technically trained person means I have been deeply involved in technical aspects of music equipment doing everything from equipment design, repair and modification, to recording studio design, building and operation. I spent most of the first ten years of this new century working as an engineer for DTS, the surround sound company and that ended in summer of 2012. There I was laid off for the 5th time in my engineering career of over thirty years with the feelings of "here we go again". Interestingly the Veteran's Administration had a new benefit program called VRAP (VRAP info) which I qualified for being a U.S. Air Force veteran. VRAP stood for Veterans Rehabilitation Assistance Program. This program had strict guidelines which surprisingly would not allow me to go to a four year university to take classes and upgrade my engineering skills. Yea I know that seems weird. However the program did allow me to go to a two-year college and focus on training in a so-called "high demand occupation" from a list created by the U.S. Department of Labor (high demand occupation list). Believe it or not the profession of 'musician' was on this list so I applied to go to Moorpark College near my home to take music classes to upgrade my knowledge and skills in music and was approved. By the way; one of the requirements was that I had to go to school full time. Honestly,at my age trying to take a full time load of engineering classes again after all these years would have been way too overwhelming.

I completed  the first full time semester May 2013 with five music classes and a phys ed class. I earned five A's and one B in my classes and also earned two awards; one from the theater department and one from the music department. The award from the music department was for a soundtrack I created for a theatrical improvisation show where I competed against about 19 other students. I also helped out in a technical capacity for the show. The award I received from the music department was for 'Outstanding Music Technology Student'. The good grades I received plus the unexpected awards made me feel I had made the right move at this point in my life . Here is a recent pic of me with two awards.


I finished up my second full time semester December 2013. The VRAP program officially ended for all vets on April 1, 2014.

The other things you might be interested in knowing about me is I am a golfer, military veteran and Christian. You can click the hyperlinks of those as shown if you want to learn more about those activities. Have a great day. You can contact me at  info @ natelee.net .Remove the spaces. I used them to prevent spam from automatic web site robots.  You will receive an email reply from my Yahoo address if your email is legitimate.

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